Horror Seismic Event Splits America

I live in faraway South Africa and I am a very simple man of God. Around 2009 or 2010-ish, God gave me a horrific dream one night of the USA. It sat on two tectonic plates and floated on red hot magma. The bigger plate to the west, the smaller one to the east with a rupture in the earth’s crust from Chicago-ish to about New Orleans. As the plates moved away from each other, a huge rift valley formed, lava poured out and a permanent division was created. The plates collided before finally settling to form this long valley with pools of magma and escaping poison gases.

America was divided forever and it happened already under Obama’s tenure.

In another dream, America was ploughed under with only bits of building rubble exposed, smoke emanating from cracks in the soil.

The Lord showed me how I came with a huge jet, met with a surviving remnant in small groups, binded the Satan, then took these people with me to South Africa. A Voice said “Isaiah 18.”

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